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277VAC 250ma triac/0 10v dimmable constant current led power supply led driver

Smarts new product Multi-current DIP series 5 in 1 dimming power supply has a 7-year warranty and can match most constant current lamps on the market for stable dimming. The output current of this power supply is 250mA-700mA
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    Constant current
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    7 years
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277VAC 250ma triac/0 10v dimmable constant current led power supply led driver

The new 5in1 dimmable led driver with an input voltage of 100-277vac has passed UL certification and is mainly sold to the North American market. This power supply has a DIP module that can adjust the output current according to user needs


led 60w driver

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  Mechanical Specification   

led 60w driver

※Input terminals "Black" and "White" to connect to AC L and N.
※Output LED SEC output Positive (LED+) , output negative(LED-). Connected to LED light.
※Output terminals DIM (+) to 0/1-10V dimmer signal(+ ),DIM (-) white connect to 0/1-10V dimmer signal (-)
※Please DO NOT connect “DIM-“ to “LED-“, “DIM+” to “ LED+” ,or other incorrect connection.
Note: Please make sure you connect these correctly otherwise your product will not function correctly and could be damaged

  Dimming operation    

led 60w driver

led 60w driver

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Waterproof ip67 5 in 1 dimmable led driver 12v 30W has a 7-year warranty, and the all-in-one design can well protect the power supply


intput voltage:100-277V AC

Size :  165*94.5*40mm
output voltage:12vdc

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