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Can I use a 12v power supply on a 5v? Jan. 03,2020

Some of our customers ask us if they can use led power supply 12v on 5V?

In most cases, you cannot use a 12V power supply to power a 5V LED lightsl. Using a 12V power supply to only handle 9V can completely destroy it. ... Voltage is only one part of the picture and even if you get the voltage right, it's possible for a power supply to ruin your LED lights.

Also, we have to think of what is the 'Constant voltage'? It refers to the ability to fluctuate output current to maintain a setvoltage. Constant voltage can be used for applications where the workpieces do not have flat surfaces, e.g. crossed wires, and where the resistance varies significantly, and for extremely short welds.

Anyway, please don’t use 12vdc power supply on 5V LEDs, there are some problems will be coming out. For any constant voltage led driver, constant voltage dimmable led driver and non dimmable 12v 24v led power supply, please feel free to let us know.

dimmable 12v 24v led power supply

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