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What is meant by constant current? Aug. 23,2019

The power supply is divided into two types, they are constant current vs constant voltage led driver. We may know constant current led driver and linear constant current led driver,but what is meant by constant current?

"Constant current" means that the ability to change the voltage across an electronic circuit to maintain a constant current... provide the same current regardless of the change in resistance.

Constant current LED drivers are apply for a range of output voltages and a fixed output current (amps)...This type of driver reaches a constant current by change the voltage of the electronic circuit.Please check an example of our constant current LED driver as below.

Constant current example

Input Voltage

Output Voltage

Output Current (Amps)




Note * The current is only set to a specified value.

A higher current will actually make the LED brighter, but if it is not adjusted, it will eventually overload the LED rating.Thermal runaway means that current that exceeds the LED rating, which would burns the drivers and reduced its life.

Because lamps can maintain consistent brightness, so constant currents are commonly used for signage, backlighting, and commercial LED displays. In other words, only constant current LEDs are compatible with these types of drivers.

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