Non-dimmable LED Driver
Why are the slim type UL dimming and non-dimming products tested by many customers and the temperature is generally high? Sep. 09,2020

Actually, this kind of slim type led driver is originally small in size, the originals are tightly attached to the shell, the heat dissipation area is small, and there is not much thermal conductivity glue, and it cannot be compared with that of a large power supply.

slim type led driver

Question: When the load is 50%, the temperature is 75~80 degrees. Is it normal?

Answer: The temperature of the long-shaped UL power supply plastic case and aluminum case are relatively high. The temperature of the aluminum case led power supply is actually higher because the heat conduction effect is better and the surface temperature is higher. If the ambient temperature is above 25 degrees, it will be above 70 degrees. So it is normal..

Please feel free to let us know if there any other questions you have when do the connection. 

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