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Can any of the distributor connector be conneted with any LED power supply? Nov. 01,2019

As we all know, there are constant voltage power supply and constant current power supply, does the distributor connector has difference in series and parallel?

constant current power supply

The answer is YES.  it must be corresponding. The constant current power supply must be connected in series distributor connector, and use the parallel distributor to the constant voltage power supply.

For example, a constant current power supply 350ma 5-25VDC. If we use a 3-way serial connector to this power supply, the output current of each way is still the same, and the voltage is allocated according to the power of each LEDs light. That’s say, output current of each way  is the same as 350ma, the voltage divided by each LEDs is 8.5V.

So, to confirm the exact output working voltage and current of LEDs to each constant current driver is mostly important.

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