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The knowledge of LED power supply Nov. 06,2019

1.  Reliability: especially installed at high altitude, maintenance is not easy, also costs are large.

2.  Efficiency:  For led power supply installed in the structure of the lamp is particularly important, because the LED luminous efficiency with the LED temperature rise and down, High efficiency, its power consumption is small, the heat in the lamp is small, it will reduce the temperature rise of the lamp.

3.  Power factor: Although the power is not a small power factor of a single little power on the power grid is not big, but at night we light the load is too concentrated, will produce more serious pollution on the grid. For 30 watts to 40 watts of constant voltage LED driver, will have a certain power factor indicators soon.

4  Surge protection: LED anti-surge capability is relatively poor, especially anti-reverse voltage capability. Some LED lights installed in the outdoor, due to the load of the grid load and lightning Of the induction, from the grid system will invade a variety of surges, some waves will damage the LED. Therefore, LED driver suppress the intrusion of the surge to protect the LED will not be damaged.
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