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Do I need a special dimmer switch for LED lights? Mar. 20,2020

Although most LED strips are dimmable now, not all strips can be dimmed, and not all strips are dimmed in the same way. Due to the low power consumed by LEDs, many types of led dimmer switch cannot work with LEDs in the same way as high power load incandescent lamps. When dimming the LED, you may notice the following:


1. Smaller dimming range (typically 60-90%, incandescent 100%)

2. LED strips may not turn off at the lowest dimming setting (meaning 0% dimming is not achieved): This is caused by the dimmer's belief that the strip is completely off, because the LED consumes very little power.


It is recommended that you test your current dimming to see if they work with the LED strips you purchased. However, if your current dimming control is experiencing any of the above issues, we recommend using SMARTS dimmers. These led dimmer switch can be dimmed from 0 to 100% with SMARTS power supply for complete and accurate control of the dimming range.

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