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how to choose the right power supply for our LED strip? Mar. 18,2020

We often receive emails from customers asking "how to choose the right led power supply for my LED strip?"


The answer as below:


The first step is to check the datasheet of the LED strip to be used. We will know the power consumption in Watts / meter. Usually it will be displayed in 10W / m (10W / m) format.


The second step is to calculate the length (in meters) of the strip to be used and then multiply that number by the wattage used per meter. This way you can know the total power of this strip.


If you are using a 4.5m LED light bar. The power consumption of LED strip is 10W / m.

10x 4.5 = 45 watts So you need an led power supply (sometimes called an led driver) that can provide at least 45 watts of power.   


However, it is recommended that you leave room for unexpected overloads. To mitigate this situation, we recommend that you use only 80% of the rated load of the power supply. So in this case, you will most likely choose a 56 Watt power supply.


You can then browse our company website( www.smarts-electronics.com & www.swinpower.com) to select the appropriate LED driver model.

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