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How does a switching mode power supply work? May. 15,2019

In theory, switching regulators of switching power supply are no stranger to people. When it is a black box with input and output terminals, the operation of the switching regulator is the same as that of the linear regulator. However, the difference is that the linear regulator regulates the continuous current from the input to the load to maintain a constant load voltage of smps power supply.

The forward mode regulator and flyback mode regulator form the basis of all pulse width modulation (PWM) switching regulators. Their names come from the way the magnetic components are used in the regulator. The forward switching regulator is a functional component. Its operation can be divided into two phases. When the power switch is turned on for the first time. The load current flows from the input source through the inductor to the load and back to the input source through the return (or ground) line. During this time, the diode is reverse biased. After the power switch is turned off, the inductor waits for current to flow. Through the conduction of the diode, the closed current loop through the load is maintained. When the power supply switch is turned back on, the voltage supplied to the filter helps turn off the clamp diode. That is, the forward current always flows through the inductor.

The flyback switching regulator is identical to the four basic components of the forward mode regulator, but they are reordered. The counterattack behavior is also divided into two periods. When the power switch is turned on, current is absorbed through the inductor, allowing energy to be stored in its core material. Then turn off the power switch and the inductor voltage is reversed (or flyback). Since the current through the inductor does not change instantaneously, the energy of the inductor is dissipated into the capacitor while the rectifier is turned on. This continues until the first half cycle, during which all energy stored in the inductor is empty. Therefore, the voltage across the inductor voltage and output capacitor is higher than the input voltage of adjustable power supply, and the only storage of the load is the output filter capacitor. This is why the output ripple voltage turns off the converter worse than its forward mode.

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