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What is use of SMPS? May. 14,2019

A Switching Power Supply (SMPS) is a switching power supply circuit that turns a high frequency power driver on and off through a Switchgear, and a storage module that powered by the switching device when is in a non-switching state, such as an inductor or a capacitor.

SMPS are highly efficient and are used in all kinds of electronic devices, containing computers and other sensitive devices that require a stable and efficient power supply. Advantages of SMPS: More efficient, more power can be converted in a smaller form factor, low cost, and digital control can be easily realized.

SMPS are more efficient than linear power supplies. Because a linear power supply can only reduce the voltage, rather than increasing the voltage like an SMPS.The linear power supply regulates the voltage by changing the resistance of the component that produces the voltage drop, such as a transistor, a resistor etc. This voltage drop results in wasted thermal energy. Converting a 40v to a 5v power supply linear PSU will be much less efficient than converting a 12v power supply to a 5v linear PSU since the higher voltage drop.

The transistor can be on, off or somewhere in between. The resulting heat is the most. Since the transistor of the switch mode power supply is only turned on or off. Therefore, the resistor hardly produces the same amount of heat. However, the step-down SMPS turns the transistor on or off with a variable duty cycle when using the PWM signal. When the duty cycle is 50%, where the signal is high and low, the theoretical average output voltage is half of the input voltage, but this is usually not the case, depending on other factors, such as load. The output has a capacitor and inductor to smooth current and voltage. Most led driver adapter today are switching power supply.

switching power supply circuit

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