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How to use WiFi Dim driver to connect to Smart Tuya App for language control Jun. 29,2021

·Range: 100-277VAC
·Built-in active PFC function
·Efficiency up to 88%
·Dimming function: WIFI wireless dim., which can be controller by Mobile App or Smart speaker, like Google home or Amazon echo
·Adopt TUYA module, 8K Hz PWM output; Minimum dimmability is 1%
·Different channels to be chosen, 1CH, 2CH, 3CH, 4CH or 5CH

How to use Wi-Fi control the Wi-Fi dimmable LED driver dimming by APP ?

Step 1: Download “Smart Life” app or “Tuya Smart” app
wifi dimming led driver 60W

Step 2: After entering the app, register the

account and click“Add Device” button

(please confirm the signaltype of the

router is 2.4GHz WIFI to add the device).

(See figure 1.1) .

Step 3: Enter the Menu interface. (See figure 1.2).
wifi dimming led driver 60W

Step 4: after clicking the option (Lighting)

on the left category bar, you can find the light

source,Click the button“Light Source (Wi-Fi)”

on the up of this group. (See figure 1.3)

Step 5: Select the 2.4ghz Wi-Fi network with strong signal and enter the password, then click“Next”,
wifi dimming led driver 60W

Step 6: Go to the settings page

(See figure 1.5)and follow the setup

requirements step by step.

Step 7: Reset the device.

1) First, be sure the input and output terminals are well connected. (See figure 1.6)

wifi dimming led driver 60W

2) Restart the power switch 5 times

(ON/OFF 5 times)to reset the device.

After confirming the light flashing

quickly, check the botton “confirm

the light is blinkingrapidly” (See figure 1.7).

(Tip: Pl. complete the network connecting

operation in 3 minutes).

3) Click the “Next” button to add the device. (See figure 1.8).

wifi dimming led driver 60W
3) Then you can successfully added the device, as shown in figure 1.9
wifi dimming led driver 60W
Step 7: Set up Wi-Fi Lights

(1) Click "Done" to enter the “WF xCH Light B”

platform, then click "White" to Control interface

by default and 0-100% brightness

dimming and switch ON/OFF the light at the bottom. (see figure 2.0),

(2) Click "Scene" Interface, you can choose

the lighting effects in different scenes,

or you can add new scenes and customize

the lighting effects as you wish. (See figure 2.1)

wifi dimming led driver 60W

(3)Click the “Schedule” function on the right corner to setupthe Light ON & OFF in the fixed time. (see Figure 2.2)

wifi dimming led driver 60W

How to remote control the Wi-Fi dimmable LED driver dimming by APP ?
The same setting steps as above, but turn off your Wi-Fi, you can use your cell-phone signal to remote control the Wi-Fi dimmable
led driver & the Lights.

How to set Wi-Fi dimming cotrolled by smarts speaker?

Step 1: Click the right up corner and enter the setting platform. (see figure 2.3)

Step 2:Select thire party control: Alexa, Google Assistant, Tmall Genie
1) Amazon Alexa smart speaker setting: (see figure 2.4)

2) Google Assistant smart speaker setting: (see figure 2.5)

Tip: When register to the third party and sign-in, you will realize the smart speaker to control the LED lights.

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