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LED driver features and future directions Nov. 08,2019
Depending on the load characteristics and application scenarios, LED driver have different characteristics as part of a dc power supply.

First of all, small size

LED lamp caps should be adapted to the traditional installation space. Generally speaking, the led power supply is mounted in the LED lamp cap, so its volume should be small.

Second, high reliability

The driver is one of the important accessories for LED lighting and we should ensure high reliability.

Third, low cost

Cost is one of the obstacles to LED lighting. Today, the cost of LED chips is higher than people's psychological prices. Therefore, the cost of power supply will face severe challenges.

Fourth, high efficiency

The high efficiency of LED lighting should be a good driving force.

Fifth, good water resistance and vibration characteristics

Outdoor LED lighting, like street lights, should withstand harsh weather tests.

Sixth, longevity

LED lights should not have any disadvantages when used for 100,000 hours.

Seventh, good temperature characteristics

High power density and spring and autumn ambient temperature should not affect the driver's work
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