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SMARTS new products - plastic IP20 slim constant voltage led driver Apr. 08,2019

To meet the requirment of some applications in indoor locations, especially reuqire a slim power supply, SMARTS has developed a new series of slim type 6w, 15w, 20w led driver and high PFC 0.95 30w, 42w 50w and 60w power supply with max. Height 11~23mm.

20w led driver60w power supply

Here is the list of the size for different wattage option:

12v 24vdc 6w led driver:   size 98.5*45.8*11.9mm

12v 24vdc 15w led driver:  size 127.5*50*12mm

12v 24vdc 20w led driver:  size 127.5*50*12mm

12v 24vdc 30w led driver:  size 160*57.6*18.4mm

12v 24vdc 42w led driver:  size 160*57.6*18.4mm

12v 24vdc 50w led driver:  size 185*63.5*22.5mm

12v 24vdc 60w led driver:  size 185*63.5*22.5mm

More information , kindly refer to information on our website: www.smarts-electronics.com.

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