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What are the factors that affect the life of the waterproof 12v switching power supply? Jun. 09,2021
With the rapid development of LED power products, waterproof 12v switching power supply have become more and more widely used. As we all know, LED power supplies are assembled with LED chips and power supplies. Generally, the space is small and the heat sink is poor. How to ensure the quality and life of the LED power supply? Next, SMARTS will talk about the six major factors that affect the life of LED flash-free power supplies.

1.The influence of electrolytic capacitor: The sealing part of electrolytic capacitor will leak vaporized electrolyte. This phenomenon will accelerate with the increase of temperature. It is generally believed that the leakage rate will increase to 2 times for every 10°C increase in temperature . Said electrolytic capacitor determines the life of the power supply device.

2.The influence of switching times: Most power supplies are equipped with a capacitor input rectifier circuit. When the power is connected, surge current will be generated, which will cause the fatigue of the switch contacts, and cause problems such as increase in contact resistance and adsorption.

waterproof 12v switching power supply

3.The impact of the inrush current protection resistor and thermistor power resistor: In order to counteract the inrush current generated when the waterproof 12v switching power supply is connected, the design of the waterproof 12v switching power supply usually uses the resistor and SCR and other components in parallel.

4.The impact of actual application environment: high humidity environment, high temperature environment, dusty environment, strong magnetic environment, vibration environment.

5.The influence of the lighting temperature environment: the internal temperature of the lighting is less than 65 degrees, the housing of the lighting is less than 75 degrees, and the temperature of the power supply is less than 60 degrees.

6. The influence of the waterproof 12v switching power supply grid: the voltage input of the unstable grid will cause an impact on the components of the LED power supply, thereby affecting the service life of the LED.

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