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Do you know ELV dimmer? Jun. 07,2021

How do you dim a combination of a MR16 bulb and an “electronic” led power supply? Turns out that if you chop the beginning of the AC wave, it causes the led electronic driver to hum and buzz unpleasantly because of the sudden wall of AC power coming into the device. So the solution was to chop the trailing edge of the AC wave. 

dimming an led electronic transformer

This was a new type of led dimmers on the market, we called “ELV” dimmer which made for a 12 volt MR 16 and electronic power supply. This triac elv dimmers cuts the trailing edge of the power wave, to reduce hum.

“ELV dimmer” doesn’t refer to the dimmer is electronic and low voltage, To be precise it’s for dimming an led electronic transformer of a low voltage LED light. You may have q question, aren’t there any dimmers that can come to both leading edge and trailing edge function? Yes, they are usually called “universal dimmers”, and they can be switched from Leading Edge//MLV/Forward Phase to Trailing Edge/ELV/Reverse Phase.

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