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What is the difference between UL Class 2 & UL Class 1 led driver? Sep. 14,2020

LED drivers are similar to ballasts for fluorescent lamps or transformers for low-voltage led lighting: they provide LEDs with the correct power supply to function and perform at their best. There are two main kinds of external LED drivers, constant-current and constant-voltage. After you know both of the drivers, we want to make a specific explanation about UL Class 2 and UL Class 1 led driver.

UL Class 2 driver

The UL Class 2 driver complies with the standard UL1310, which means that the output is considered safe to touch and does not require primary safety protection at the LED/luminaire level. 

There is no risk of fire or electric shock. These drives operate at powers of less than 60 volts (dry environment) and 30 volts (wet environment), less than 5 amps and less than 100 watts. 

Although safer, these restrictions limit the number of LEDs that can be operated by class  2 drivers.

The output range of UL Class 1 drives outside the UL Class 2 designation. The UL Class 1 driver has a high voltage output, and safety protection is required within the fixture. 

Although there are less safety precautions, class 1 drivers can accommodate more numbers of LEDs, making them more efficient than class 2 drivers.

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