Non-dimmable LED Driver

UL Listed 24v Dimmable LED Driver Power Supply

SMT-024-120VTH is an excellent quality UL Listed 24volt 5.00A 120W 24v dimmable led driver. Compatible with most AC wall dimmer including Lutron, Leviton and most other household dimmers.
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    Constant Voltage
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    UL, Class P, TYPE HL
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    7 Years Warranty
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UL Listed 24v Dimmable LED Driver Power Supply


dimmable led driver

Product description for 277VAC Dimmable LED Driver:

Our 277VAC VTH series  is an excellent quality Triac Dimmable Power Supply. Compatible with most AC wall dimmer including Leviton, Lutron and most other household dimmers. Can be used for many LED lights including strip light, puck light, module light,led bar light and many other applications. Requires no minimum load and it is very quite without any buzz or humming noise.

Warning: Do not overload. It is recommended not to exceed 80% of dimmable driver's capacity. Please calculate your load before connecting the power. 


Specification for our SMT-024-120VTH 24v dimmable led driver:

Output constant voltage

Input voltage range 100-277VAC

Built-in PFC function / PF>0.97

E fficiency > 85% / Dimming range: 0~100%

Protections:short circuit/over voltage/over heat

PWM output, does not change the color index

IP20 design for indoor installations

Cooling by free air convection / Flicker-free

Work with leading edge and trailing edge TRIAC dimmers

Strong compatibility, flicker-free dimming

Suitable for LED lighting and moving sign applications

Compliance to worldwide safety regulations for lightings.

Compatible with Forward phase, Reverse phase, Triac, MLV, ELV Dimmers

7 years warranty

NON-waterproof use for indoor dry or damp location only


Mechanical Specification for dimmable driver:

dimmable driver

※Input:18AWG Black and White to be connected to AC L and N ,Green wire go ground,

※Output: Red is(DIM+),Black is(DIM-)

※Note: Any other requests we can customized


Dimming Operation for 24v dimmable led driver:

※Output constant current level can be adjusted through input terminal of the AC phase line(L) by connection a triac


※Compatible with Leading edge or trailing edge triac dimmers, but trailing edge dimmers work better..

※Please try to use dimmers with power at least 1.5 times as the output power of the driver.


Derating Curve for 24v dimmable led driver:

24v dimmable led driver


※Load carried in accordance with the load derating curve, according to the ambient temperature derating, in order to

extend the working life.


Simple Connection Diagram:



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