Non-dimmable LED Driver

UL certificate Class 2 180watt 12volt triac dimming led driver for wet and damp location

The 12 volt dc led driver has  a universal input 100-277VAC, which comes to flawless dimming. Newly designed with smooth dimming and meet T24 Standard. Compared with Magnetic LED driver, Smarts driver shows less defective rate, within 0.001%.
  • item no.:

  • brand:

  • Input Voltage:

  • Output Voltage:

  • Output Current:

    3*5A ; 2*4A
  • Working Mode:

    triac dimming
  • Certification:

    UL cUL
  • Warranty:

    7 YEARS
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UL certificate Class 2 180watt 12volt triac dimming led driver for wet and damp location

The triac dimming led driver comes to UL deparment certication, and ensured 7 years warranty.The reliable dimming range is from 0 to 100%.  Compatible with ELV, MLV dimmers like LEGRAND dimmer 100-130v.




SMT-012-180VTHJ (1.0 version)

SMT-012-180VTHJV2 (2.0 version)

SMT-012-180VTHJWV2  (3.0 version)                         

SMT-024-192VTHJ (1.0 version)

SMT-024-192VTHJV2 (2.0 version)

SMT-024-192VTHJWV2 (3.0 version)          


DC Voltage



Voltage Tolerance


Voltage Regulation


Voltage Tolerance


Load Regulation





Rated current



Rated power


192W (2*96W)


Voltage Range


Frequency Range


Power Factor(Typ.)@full load

0.99@120VAC  0.94@277VAC

0.99@120VAC  0.94@277VAC

THD(Typ.)@full load


Inrush Current(Typ.)

15A, 50%, 1.4ms

Full Load


86%@120VAC , 88%@277VAC

87%@120VAC , 89%@277VAC

AC Current(Typ.)



Inrush Current (Typ.)

19A (twidth=1.3ms) @120VAC ;38A (twidth=960us) @277VAC

19A (twidth=1.3ms) @120VAC ;38A (twidth=960us) @277VAC

Leakage current



Short Circuit

shut down o/p voltage, re-power on to recover afterfault conditionisremoved

Over loading

≤120% constant current limiting, auto-recovery

Over temperature

100℃±10℃ shut down o/p voltage,automatically recover after cooling.

Over Current

≤1.4*I out


Working TEMP.


Working Humidity


Storage TEM.,Humidity





10~500Hz 2G 10min./1 cycle,period for 60min.each along X,

Y,Z axes





Safety standards


Withstand voltage

I/P-O/P: 1.88KVAC  

Isolation resistance



FCC Part 15 B   





1.0version: 278*108*46mm / 2.0version: 278*110*45mm /

3.0version: 278*130*45mm (L*W*H)              


340*210*245mm/8pcs /CTN    G.W.:19.50KG/CTN (1.0 version)



385*335*200mm     20PCS/CTN


1. All parameters NOT specially mentioned are measured at110V &277VAC input , rated load and 25℃of ambient temperature.   

2..Tolerance:includes set us tolerance,line regulation and load regulation.   

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  ■Mechanical Specification  


 2.0 version :   SMT-012-180VTHJV2  /  SMT-024-192VTHJV2


triac dimming led driver 

3.0 version :   SMT-012-180VTHJWV2  /  SMT-024-192VTHJWV2


※Input:18AWG Black and White to be connected to AC L and N ,Green wire go ground,

※Output wire: 16AWG ,  Red is(DIM+),Black is(DIM-)

※Class 2 standard output terminal. Three groups of cables for SMT-012-180VTHJ / SMT-012-180VTHJV2 / SMT-012-180VTHJWV2 ; two groups for SMT-024-192VTHJ / SMT-024-288VTHJV2 / SMT-024-288VTHJWV2


  ■Dimming Operation  

※The Pulse-Width Modulation (PWM) of output voltage can be adjusted through input terminal of the AC phase line(L) by connection a phase/triac dimmer.

※Usually matching with Forward phase , leading edge , Magnetic low voltage, triac dimmers, or Reverse phase, trailing edge ,Electric low voltage Dimmers.  

※Please try to use dimmers with power at least 1.5 times as the output power of the driver.

  ■Derating Curve  

triac dimming led driver 

※To extend their life, please refer to the Derating Curve and derate according to the temperature.


  ■ Connecting Diagram  

triac dimming led driver 


  ■ Simple Connection Diagram:  

triac dimming led driver   

  ■ Instruction:  

※This driver should be installed by qualified and professional person;

※Please make sure the driver is installed with adequate ventilation around it to allow for heat dissipation.

※Ensure that wiring is correct before test in order to avoid light and power supply damage;

※If the dimmable LED drivers do not work normally, pl. don’t maintain privately, but contact us: sales9@smartselectronics.com  Or take a phonecall: 0086-18016688251

Official website: www.smarts-electronics.com   and   www.swinpower.com

  Compatible Light Type  

The phase dimming led driver is easy to install with junction box built-in, bare wires and several knockouts . When matched with AQlighting dimmable LED light bar for kitchen overhead lighting, it shows smooth dimming effect.

phase dimming led driver

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UL cUL approval

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