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ip67 waterproof dali 2 & push dimmable led driver power supply 12v 100w price

smarts new dali2&push dimming led driver 100W is in accordance with dali IEC62386。NFC function Can adjust the output voltage and set the address, the working mode is constant voltage, working efficiency is 89%
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    constant voltage
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    7 years
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ip67 waterproof dali 2 & push dimmable led driver power supply 12v 100w price

This waterproof constant-voltage 100W led driver has dali2&push dimming mode, aluminum shell, dimming range between 0-100%, with short circuit, overload, overtemperature protection, suitable for intelligent led lighting projects


Model SMT-12100V-DP2 SMT-24100V-DP2 SMT-36100V-DP2 SMT-48100V-DP2
Output DC Voltage 12V (12-13.5V adjust by NFC) 24V (24-26V adjust by NFC) 36V (36-38V adjust by NFC) 48V (48-50V adjust by NFC)
Voltage Tolerance ±0.2V
Rated current 8.34A  4.17A 2.78A  2.08A
Rated power 100W
Load Regulation ±2%
Input Standby power consumption  ≤0.5W ≤0.5W ≤0.6W ≤0.6W
Voltage Range 100-277VAC 
Frequency Range 47 - 63Hz
Power Factor(Typ.)@ full load PF≥0.98@120VAC  PF≥0.96@230VAC  PF≥0.95@277VAC (Full loading)
THD(Typ.)@ full load ≤10%@120VAC ;  ≤10%@230VAC;  ≤15%@277VAC
Efficiency(Typ.)@ full load 86%@120VAC;   89%@230VAC;   89%@277VAC;
AC Current(Max.) 1.3A 1.3A 1.3A 1.3A
Inrush Current (Typ.) 8.4A,940us@50%Ipeak(120VAC);48.4A,370us@50%Ipeak(230VAC)    21.6A,960us@50%Ipeak (277VAC)
Leakage current <0.5mA 
Protection Short Circuit Hiccup mode, recover automatically after fault condition is removed
Over Load ≤120% ,hiccup mode, recover automatically after fault condition is removed 
Over temperature Ambient temp. over 55℃±10℃, output will be off; recovers automatically after temp. drops.
Environment Working TEMP. -40~+70℃ (see below derating curve)
Working Humidity 20 - 95%RH,non-condensing 
Storage TEM.,Humidity -40 - +80℃,10 - 95%RH
TEMP.coefficient ±0.03%/℃(0 - 50℃)
Vibration 10~500Hz, 2G 10min./1 cycle,period for 60min. each along X,Y,Z axes 
Safety&EMC Safety standards EN61347-1   EN61347-2-13 (EU)   &  UL8750  (US) 
Withstand voltage I/P-O/P:3.75KVAC  I/P-FG:1.5KVAC  O/P-FG:0.5KVAC (EU);   I/P-O/P:1.88KVAC (US)
Isolation resistance I/P-O/P I/P-FG O/P-FG:100MΩ/500VDC/25℃/70%RH  
EMC Emission EN55015   EN61000-3-2  EN61000-3-3 (EU)≥50% Load  &  FCC Part 15 B (US)
EMC Immunity EN61000-4-2,3,4,5,6 ,11,  EN61547
Others Weight 0.83KG
Dimension 231*78*25.1mm (L*W*H)
packing 355*300*170mm/20PCS/CTN    G.W.:18KG/CTN
Notes 1. All parameters NOT specially mentioned are measured at 120VAC/230VAC input , rated load and 25℃of ambient temperature.
2. Tolerance: includes set up tolerance, line regulation and load regulation .
3. The power supply is considered as a component that will be operated in combination with final Equipment. Since EMC performance will be affected by the complete installation, the final equipment manufactures must be-qualify EMC Directive on the complete installation again.
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  Mechanical Specification  

Input & Output wiring 

※Input Rubber cable 3*1.0mm² , the green/yellow cable connect with (FG) ,Brown with AC (L),Blue with AC(N)  

※Output rubber cable 2*1.0mm², Red is output ( V+) Positive, Black is output (V-) negative. Connected to LED Lamps

Dimming wiring

Dimming Rubber cable 2*1.0mm², Blue DA/N and White DA/L (No polar) connected to the DALI BUS when use DALI function .

Blue (N) is connected to AC (N) while white (L) is connected to Push dim switch dimmer( L) when use Push function..

※Please make sure you connect these correctly otherwise your product will not function correctly and could be damaged.


Note:  there is external antenna at output side.  Don't disassemble!

  Dimming operation    

Note: For DALI Dimming Wiring Diagram 3, please noted that

   only one DALI power is need in the DALI bus, so no extra DALI

   power is needed if the Master or Dimmer already includes the DALI


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Constant voltage100W led driver is UL certified aluminum package, waterproof class ip67, waterproof performance is good, easy to install, with a 7-year warranty


intput voltage:100-277V AC

Size :  230*70*43mm
output voltage:12vdc

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