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What is the dimming method of DMX512 LED driver? Jun. 18,2022

The simplicity, reliability (if properly installed and used) and flexibility of the DMX512 led driver make it the protocol of choice when funds allow.

In practical applications, the control method of DMX512 dimming power supply is generally to design the power supply and the controller together.

The DMX512 dimming led driver 60W has 1-5 output channels to choose from and can directly drive the RGB line of led lights. However, in the architectural lighting project, due to the large weakening of the DC line, it is required to install a controller at about 12 meters, and the control bus is parallel. Therefore, the wiring of the controller is very large, and it is even impossible to construct in many occasions.

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The receiver of DMX512 needs to set the address so that it can clearly receive the dimming command, which is also very inconvenient in practical applications. Multiple controllers are interconnected to control complex lighting solutions, and the design of operating software will also be more complex.

Therefore, DMX512 is more suitable for occasions where lamps are concentrated together, such as stage lighting.

To sum up, the main disadvantage of DMX led driver is that it requires special wiring layout and type, and requires certain programming in order to set basic colors and scenes, which is costly for later maintenance.

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